PAIN REMOVAL SERVICE - Because life is too short for pain.

My name is Doug and I am a Medical Massage Therapist. I specialize in Chronic Pain. I work with injuries, rehabilitation and recovery. I often work with Athletes and sometimes I work with postural (aka Structural Integration). My method is unique. It is grounded in Scar tissue removal, Influenced by Thai Massage (the essence of delivering strong pressure in a safe comforting manner) Myofascial, and Sports Massage. I use Threshold Reassociation.

I have had the benefit of working with some of the finest people out there. My clients are usually looking to get rid of pain in some way or another. I do not do relaxation. I am here to “remove pain”.

My ability comes partially from my experience with Chronic Pain as well as an unnatural ability to find (and resolve) root causes. I can emphasize with the experience of an unyielding pain pattern. I can work gracefully with people who need strong pressure as well as those who feel punished by the lightest touch.

Doug McCreary, LMT


Phone: (206) 778-3684

18 West Mercer, Ste 380
Seattle WA 98119

My Yelp Reviews
Briana G.Briana G.
Doug changed my life with his massage technique! I found that I received more benefit from his care post motor vehicle accident than I did from physical therapy and chiropractic care combined. As a person with a hip broken in multiple places, a broken shoulder, as well as various other surgeries/injuries, I can say from personal experience that Doug is not only knowledgeable enough to work on even the most difficult cases, he is also very experienced in treating people with chronic pain as well as those who simply need some short term issues worked out. I don't usually prefer ...
Elayne W.Elayne W.
Doug has an incredible talent for listening not just to the customer's voice, but also to the body. I've tried several massage practitioners in the last decade, but none have more thoroughly understood both what I am saying and what my body needs than him. I'm very sensitive to tickle-type touch, and Doug worked with me to accommodate my level of sensitivity so that I could eventually receive the pressure I needed for therapeutic healing. I hadn't previously associated massage with healing (just relaxation) until I was on his table for an hour. Go see this guy!
Lauren H.Lauren H.
Doug is so amazing at what he does! He listens to my issues and really cares to do everything he can to help heal me. The great thing about Doug is that he is passionate about what he does and takes the time to educate you so that you can get the most out of your experience. He has very strong hands which is great when things really need to be worked out but he also has a really great sense of when he needs to go easy! Very lucky to have found him. There is no one better for ...