My Teacher, My Cat

I have been blessed to have experienced some extremely gifted and talented mentors. My very first mentor was named Snickerdoodle. Snickers loved rubs. He would purr immediately and loudly. If you found a good spot he sounded like a lawnmower. In his later years, Snickers developed a drooling habit. He was wetter than a sprinkler! There were days when no one else was around and it was that kind of day, my cat and I would do this for the entire afternoon.

From time to time a client will inform me that I have “the touch”. I’ve received massage from therapists who have this touch and also from those who don’t. One with good touch intuitively ‘finds the sore spots’. They instinctively know how much pressure to use, and the session is tailored to your needs. Those who don’t have it usually rely on a sequence. They are going through the motions doing a series of maneuvers. Their mind is somewhere else and it shows. In the industry it is called ‘presence’. When I give massage, my mind is here paying attention to you and your tissue.

I was taught how to have “good hands” by my cat. Bodies tell you where they want to be touched and what they need. My cat taught me how to understand this language. Thanks again Snickers!