Medical Massage

I used to think that Massage was about “back rubs.” Massage can be used to revert a broad number of conditions to an asymptomatic (pain free) state. Though each situation is unique, Medical Massage can usually do great things for the following:

-carpal tunnel syndrome

-tension headaches

-some normal headaches

-certain migraines (especially those centered around or behind the eyes)

-unresolved whiplash

-body pain. (back pain, neck pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, foot pain, belly pain, hip pain, finger pain, groin pain, whatever-else pain)

-IT bands

-osteoarthritis (I can’t repair the damage done, but I can reduce further damage as well as pain symptoms)

-TMJ (jaw pain/jaw grinding/jaw clenching)

-tennis elbow, golf elbow

-Thoracic outlet syndrome (shooting pain/tingling/numbness down the arms)

-hunched shoulders, forward shoulders

-breathing, certain pains associated with inhaling

-short leg

-”my back is so tight my chiropractor has to try 2-4 times to get an adjustment”

-crooked hips

-Plantar fasciitis

-most ‘old’ injuries

-the doctor showed me an xray and said ‘There is nothing wrong’ pain

-shaky leg


-<insert bodypart> tightness.

-high foot arches (most always)

-low foot arches/fallen arches/clubbed foot (these are commonly misdiagnosed)

-shin splints

-foot/ankle cramps

-frozen toe, jammed toe (sometimes)



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