Sports Massage

I love to work with athletes. What I constantly hear is that people have tried massage before but found it to be ineffective. They felt better for a day, and then they were back to square one. What separates me from other practitioners is that I am primarily fixated on scar tissue build up. If you foam roll, it is the scar tissue that you are trying to remove. When we talk about scar tissue, I like to ask people to think of it as superglue. You are pushing your body to its limits and your body is trying to reinforce those muscles. They break down and become larger and stronger but they are also getting ‘glued’ and over the years you will lose range of motion. Constant movement, aggressive stretching and great self awareness can mitigate this.

Every athlete seems to have an old injury holding them back from their performance goals. I say life is too short to let these things hinder us one more moment than necessary. The general recipe is this: You injure something, it turns purple, fills up with scar tissue, slowly regains mobility, and slowly regains strength but never quite is the same. These injuries are my favorite to work on. We just need to find and clear out all of the crud that built up in the area. Let me help fast forward you.

We will work within your comfort level and by the end of our first session you will be deeply in touch with your scar tissue. You will be able to clearly recognize the sensation of scar tissue breaking down.  Once you have this, you will experience the connection of bodywork to freedom of motion and relief from pain patterns. Bodywork will still be something you ‘work through’ but it will feel good in the same way a great workout does.